JNZNBRK is the Winnipeg based collaborative effort of Kyle Janzen and Chris Burke; designers and artists who find inspiration for their work in the ever-changing relationship between the physical environment and digital technology. Through the exploration of this relationship, we produce, explore, and test concepts in the fields of digital installation, moving image, live performance, and sculpture; constantly observing and using the affects of the digital on the analog, and vice versa, to push the work forward.

JNZNBRK, as a collaborative art practice, tests and explores physical constructs that operate within the realms of source, modulator, register. These light-based projects have taken the form of site-specific installations, custom projection screens, performances, sculptures, electronic devices, and moving image. While placing light as the typical subject of focus, the collaborative makes an attempt to be free and open with the medium with which works are developed and explored. Materials are chosen for their modulating or registering abilities, not for their aesthetic qualities. Because of this, we develop art works that maintain a particular level of honesty to them. Each component of each piece is chosen out of necessity, which, when assembled, allows each work to emerge with its own machine-like aesthetic.

2016_ Dislocate at RAW : Almond, Winnipeg, MB
2015_ Phase at One Take Super 8 for WNDX, Winnipeg, MB
2015_ Augment at Winnipeg Design Festival, Winnipeg, MB
2015_ Hyperfocal at Plug In ICA Summer Institute, Winnipeg, MB
2015_ Hearing Eyes Prototype for New Music Festival Fundraiser, Winnipeg MB
2014_ Screen for Situated Cinema : Solomon Nagler + Alexandre Larose at ARTSPACE, Sydney, AU
2013_ Behaviours of Light at Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, MB
2013_ Screen for Tracing the City : Brief Encounters, Halifax, NS
2013_ Nuit Blanche Winnipeg : Propagate, Winnipeg, MB
2013_ RAW : Caustic 002 at Winnipeg Fringe Festival, Winnipeg, MB
2013_ RAW : Caustic 001 at RAW Gallery of Architecture + Design, Winnipeg, MB
2013_ RAW Presents : AV Night 001 at RAW Gallery of Architecture + Design, Winnipeg, MB
2013_ Atmosphere 5 : David Gersten at the Faculty of Architecture: University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB
2012_ Warehouse Journal 21 Launch at Plug In ICA, Winnipeg, MB
2012_ REcreation at Arkadash Bistro + Lounge, Winnipeg, MB
2012_ Nuit Blanche for RAW Gallery of Architecture + Design, Winnipeg, MB
2012_ Night for Rights : Journalists for Human Rights with Ryerson School of interior Design at Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, ON

2015_ 10 x 20 x 20: Event 15 at Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, MB

2014_ Robert Enright | “Making Senses“, Bordercrossings, Vol. 33, No. 4, Issue 132, pg. 19.
2014_ Zach Sokol | “Sea Sponge Skyscapers … from Architizer’s A+ Awards“. ‘Behaviours of Light’ featured online, TheCreatorsProject.Vice.com, April 1.
2014_ COMPLEX ART + DESIGN | Behaviours of Light, “13 Projects that Represent the Future of Design“, featured online, COMPLEXMAG.ca, March 14.
2013_ S. Cochrane | “Mystify Your Mind,” review of RAW : Caustic, Winnipeg Free Press, July 11.

2016_ Manitoba Arts Council | Visual Arts Production Grant B | ‘Instruments’
2015_ Winnipeg Arts Council | Individual Artists Grant | ‘Hearing Eyes’
2014_ Architizer A+ Popular Choice Award | Art + Architecture | ‘Behaviours of Light’
2013_ Nuit Blanche Winnipeg | Emerging Voices Honoraria | ‘Propagate’

2015_ Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art : Summer Institute with Nat Chard + Perry Kulper